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Meet Dr. Basso


The staff at Davis Foot & Ankle Center have worked together with Dr. Basso for many years and enjoy getting to know all patients by name. Whatever your foot or ankle problem may be, the entire team makes sure you get the best treatment available.

about dr. basso

Dr. Tracy Basso was born to be a podiatrist. Growing up with a podiatrist father and uncle, he was exposed to medical concepts at an early age and developed a strong interest in physiology. For Dr. Basso, it was a natural progression. He knew he wanted to be the doctor who delivers the most advanced care to patients who have chronic foot and ankle pain, and who may have given up hope for relief.

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What People Are Saying About Dr. Tracy Basso

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    I am post-op from bunion surgery by Dr. Basso, the sweetest doc ever. I had NO pain!! My foot is healing fine. Five stars plus!

    Lorena S.

  • Review stars - general 5.png

    Dr. Basso is fun to see. He seemed to genuinely want to help…He gave me exactly what I needed, and also suggested some money-saving options.

    Verified Patient

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    A ‘real human’ answers the phone. The personalized service is so much better than at a big medical center.

    Nancy C.

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    I was told I had plantar fasciitis, but Dr. Basso diagnosed a DVT (blood clot) in my leg and sent me to the ER. His quick diagnosis saved my life.

    Tony N.

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    I am glad to have been referred to Dr. Basso. He made the surgical procedure less scary...I am extremely happy with his care.

    Jeanette H.


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