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Morton’s Neuroma

Often referred to as Morton’s neuroma or Morton’s metatarsalgia, and sometimes just quotation marks you have neuropathy unquote, the patient suffers from symptoms of numbness, burning, tingling, sometimes a sock rolled up, type of feeling located in the ball of the foot to be very uncomfortable and from problematic for the patient. Symptoms will affect walking, sports activities, the ability to wear shoes, and extended standing.

The location of the symptoms is on the bottom of the foot near the ball of the foot, or in the ball of the foot, and can also include the toes.

Oftentimes, the symptoms do arise in the mid-arch. All the symptoms are related to plantar neuritis, or inflammation of the nerves in the mid-arch. Diagnosis is very easy with palpation, which causes pain. Also, patients will often have a numb tingling when the nerves are gently tapped. Diagnosis is very conclusive once a nerve block is performed. He nerve block will eliminate all the patient’s symptoms and establishes the diagnosis conclusively.

At the Basso neuropathy center a highly specialized procedure is performed to relieve the symptoms. Treatment can include orthotics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication, nerve related dietary supplements, and sometimes injections. If conservative care fails highly specialized procedure to relieve the symptoms can be performed. This is a relatively simple procedure is performed on an outpatient basis.


LB this patient that had a neuroma removed surgically in her 4 foot, developed complications, and was referred to the Basso Neuropathy Center. LB had a particularly difficult course of complications that included a postoperative infection and several surgeries before being referred to the Basso Neuropathy Center. Patient develops scarring in the area and chronic, severe intractable pain with every step. She was actually using a walker to mitigate her steps and control the pain. Patient sought care from multiple doctors, and unfortunately no solution was found. The patient was ultimately referred to the Basso Neuropathy Center for a diagnostic workup. After a complete lower extremity neurologic exam, he nerve block was performed in the mid-arch and 100% of the patient’s pain was alleviated. This clearly showed that the origin of the paint was in the mid-arch. The patient for the first time in four years was pain free. The patient literally folded up her Walker, as she departed the office carrying the Walker. Nerve block is temporary in its fact and therefore a specialized procedure to permanently alleviate the patient’s pain was recommended. This procedure was ultimately performed, which alleviated her pain. The patient is no longer in need of her Walker and is able to ambulate without pain.

Patients with nerve pain in the forefoot is a very common problem. There are many patients with a variety of symptoms described above that is caused by pain mid-arch and plantar forefoot. Conservative care can be very helpful, as well is highly specialized surgical intervention.

The ultimate key to the success of any cases the proper diagnosis and work up. We highly recommend a thorough diagnostic exam to establish the proper diagnosis.